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Vote for Jindal! Win a Free Apple Computer! Recently, the Louisiana Republican Party has been touting their clever pro-Jindal, anti-Blanco website, www.dontblamemeivotedforjindal.com. In today's Town Talk, James Quinn, a director for the Louisiana GOP, wrote an opinion piece about the website, claiming that it chronicles Blanco's "weakly blunders" and ineptitude. I have no problem with a political party setting up a website, complete with embarrassing photos of one's opponent (which is about as substantive as this website is). That's what democracy is all about! But here's the kicker: In order to lure people to the embarrassing photos...err.. information, the Louisiana GOP is promoting a TV ad contest in which contestants have the chance to win a FREE APPLE COMPUTER! Woo hoo! Ball's in your court, Kathleen. I suggest the Dems offer something even better... like a FREE CAR! Happy Thanksgiving.