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Roy V. Brewer: KSYL Radio Debate The most confrontational conversation thus far in the Alexandria Mayor's Race.

  • Roy disputes Brewer's claims on CLECO, line-by-line. Brewer concedes that she doesn't speak "legalese," but would still cancel the contracts. (Please forgive me for editorializing: No, caller, Mr. Roy wasn't being arrogant. He was defending the truth, and if you've followed this election, then you'd know that Mrs. Brewer's campaign has repeatedly and consistently claimed that EMS is receiving HALF of the money the City could receive from CLECO. Today, she stated on the radio, despite what she is currently broadcasting on television, that her signature appeared on the fact sheet that reduced EMS's fee from 50% to 20%. That's right. She admitted that she KNEW that EMS's fee had been reduced, yet she's still sending mail-outs and saying on television that EMS's fee is between 85% and 50%).
  • Brewer claims George Bush has done a "great job." (I know it's not relevant, but I mean... GREAT JOB? REALLY?)
  • Roy: Do Away With Duplicative Contracts (Up to the Tune of $1 Million/Year).
  • Brewer on Negative Campaigning: "There needs to be healing, and I want to personally apologize to the people (for any hurt caused by the negative campaigning)."