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The Daily Update: What You Can't Read in the Newspaper

  • Some Iraqis want Saddam's execution to be broadcast on television. American news media pretends to be confused and offended.
  • Check this out. Someone left this link on the blog. Feedback graphs on positive and negative campaign commercials during the 2006 Senate race.
  • Mark your calendars: Inauguration set for December 4th, 12 Noon, Downtown Riverfront Center.
  • Bill Cosby settles confidential sexual harassment lawsuit. Source: Law.com
  • Lincoln Chaffee considers leaving the GOP.
  • New Secretary of Defense Bob Gates is more of a Bush 41 Republican than a Bush 43 Republican. Source: "Rave Reviews for Bob Gates," Red State.
  • Louisiana Congressional Delegation is pretty happy about the Rumsfeld resignation. Source: The BR Advocate.