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The Daily Update: What You Can't Read in the Newspaper

  • President of 30 Million Member National Association of Evangelicals, and Prominent Preacher Ted "Art" Haggard Accused of Soliciting Gay Escort for Several Years, Taking Methamphetamine; Resigns from His Mega-Church, Acknowledges Some Wrong-Doing. Read about it (including voicemail transcripts of Haggard attempting to buy meth, which I think he's admitting now) on Wonkette.
  • Okay this is getting weird. He says he was referred to the gay escort by a hotel in Denver for a "massage." Apparently, he didn't realize that his massage therapist was actually a meth-dealing, gay prostitute (?). By the way guys and gals, we're talking about one of the most influential preachers in the world, a man who speaks to President Bush on a weekly basis, and a person who ministers to thousands of people every Sunday. Oh, and he's also one of the biggest proponents of banning equal spousal rights for gay Americans. He likes to buy meth and throw it away.
  • Brian Ross of ABC News: RNC Takes Money from Army Porn Movie Distributor.
  • Dems Lead in Six Key Senate Races. Source: AmericaBlog.