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A Tribute to Dr. Sleiman Salibi
The Lake Charles man who lost his life last weekend in a plane crash in Grant Parish. This was written into the blog today by Jim McClain:
We lost a friend this weekend. A friend with a zest for life, a sense of adventurism, who possessed remarkable compassion. He loved to fly in airshows. To bring joy to youth who saw in him what he wouldn't say he was himself- a hero, a man who turned the mechanics of flight into something that everyone could understand and in turn share. He honored warbird history by flying a T-28, and allowed many who had known the plane to see it up close. To sit in the cockpit once more, feel the burden of life and age lift, and to be that young airman pilot candidate again. He was young and a professional in a profession that required as much skill as being a warbird pilot. This weekend he found himself in a situation. Whatever the cause, we know the result. Celebrate his life, his spirit. He's earned his wings. Someday, in the end, we all will. Jim/Banzai