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Northside Journal: Brewer Campaign Like a "Senile Relative Who Stayed Too Long at the Party" In a scathing editorial published today, Northside Journal editor Neil Kavanagh blasted Delores Brewer's campaign, labeling her as part of the "old guard" and citing her recent press conference as evidence of her precarious political position. Kavanagh writes, "Last week, in an attempt to get people to notice her campaign, Delores Brewer called a press conference to announce that she is still running for mayor. That alone says volumes about the political shape she is in." Concerning Brewer's allegations about Roy's involvement in the Cleco case, Kavanagh states that Brewer's "position on policy changes with her political fortune." To download a copy of the press release, visit WeSawThat's blog. The Northside Journal is located at www.northsidejournal.com.