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New Cenla Blog: Cenla Education Watch (Or Notes From The Underground) Located at cenlaeduwatch.blogspot.com.
An excerpt from the first and only post:
"In the age of No Child Left Behind, states and local districts are struggling to get up to code. This in turn leads to massive headaches for administrators and teachers as we muck our way through a massive comprehensive curriculum that does little to actually aid our students. Try and try as we must little ground is gained through the maze of incomprehensible codes and piles of paperwork that invariably sit upon our desks. Now is the time to voice our opinions. Our world is changing from the days of yore. Our students are becoming more and more unfocused and trapped in a cycle of ennui. How can we fix this? What do you see as a possible solution? As parents, what role do you take in your child's education?"