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The Daily Update: What You Can't Read in the Newspaper

  • Pierce Bush, nephew to the President, has some hilarious photos of him partying with famous Austin weirdo, Leslie Cochran. Send Pierce a message on Facebook. View the photos here. (Warning: Photos capture the young Bush, who looks remarkably like a Bush, drinking Bud Light! And he's not 21 yet!). By the way, I posted this for you Austinians in Alexandria. You know who you are.
  • Another Movie Starring Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat) Promises to Make Americans Uncomfortable. (For fans of Da Ali G Show, Cohen will be resurrecting the character Bruno). Source: The Defamer.
  • Virginia Senate Candidate George Allen Needs to Explain His Multiple Arrest Warrants. Source: Americablog.
  • Fans Bail on the Saints. Source: Sun Herald.
  • Governor Blanco is in Asia. Saying Hello to KilgoreSmith and KhamAbiding. Source: AP.