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Brewer at Press Conference: Jacques Roy Should Donate Earnings from Cleco Case Earlier today, Delores Brewer's campaign contacted members of the media, announcing a press conference at 2:30PM. Apparently, the conference was only open to members of the press and committed Brewer supporters. At least one Jacques Roy supporter was asked to leave after refusing to wear a Brewer sticker on her lapel. Watch the Entire Press Conference. Courtesy: The Town Talk. Here's an audio recording. Courtesy: Northside Journal. Brewer used the opportunity to lambast Roy, implying that Roy's work on the Cleco case could represent an ethical conflict and demanding that Roy pledge to donate his earnings to the City of Alexandria. I am currently awaiting a response from the Roy campaign, but on a personal note, please allow me to editorialize:

  1. Mrs. Brewer pledged to avoid negative campaigning during the run-off. After learning of her second place finish, Mrs. Brewer told the citizens of Alexandria, live on KALB-TV, that she would not engage in negative campaigning during the run-off. Click here to watch Mrs. Brewer's statement on KALB.
  2. Jacques Roy represents Sam Sansing as his defense attorney in a case against Sansing's former employer, Cleco. Bridgett Brown and two other lawyers from Baton Rouge represent the City of Alexandria in a suit against Cleco. The two cases are all part of the same narrative, but they each concern two entirely different things. Jacques Roy does not represent the City of Alexandria or EMS, the consulting company owned by David Pugh, and therefore, he does not stand to financially benefit from any rateholder refunds.
WeSawThat: Delores Brewer "Breaks Campaign Promise." KALB Video Blog: Brewer Event Was a "Political Stunt." Permalink: Delores Brewer Pledging to Remain "Positive" on KALB