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Louisiana College: Rename the School Contest! Last week, it was reported that LC President Joe Aguillard may take the road less traveled and create a law school. I'm on the fence about it. Considering the droves of faculty members who were forced out of LC (I've heard something like six out of ten department heads and a combined total of over 470 years of academic experience) due to Aguillard's bizarrely invasive Christian Committment policies (which, among other things, bans professors from being "seen in public" imbibing), I find it hard to trust any law school under the direction of the present administration, an administration which, from day one, has been battling a host of lawsuits. At the same time, a law school could be great for our community. I'll withhold my opinion until all the facts are on the table. That said, if LC does create a law school, it will be in store for a name change! In America, the term "college" applies only to four year undergraduate institutions. As Wikipedia explains: "In American English, the word, in contrast to its many and varied British meanings, almost always refers to undergraduate university studies or to a school providing professional or technical training on a (loosely) comparable level. It can therefore refer to both a self-contained institution that has no graduate studies and to the undergraduate school of a full university (i.e. that also has a graduate school)." So now the question is: What do we rename LC?