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Northside Journal and the Alexandria Mayoral Election For those of you unfamiliar with the Northside Journal, they've become a steady and passionate voice of reason. Unfortunately, they're north of the river, and as such, they rarely cover Alexandria's news. (I join the chorus of others who wish they'd change their name to the Rapides Journal and cover the entire parish). Anyway, here's their take on the Alexandria mayoral election. It's pretty straightforward. Download here. (Thanks WeSawThat) Excerpts: "Of the 'serious 6,' there are two candidates who have no connection with the previous administration, three who are deeply embedded with the current city regime, and one candidate who has served on the Rapides Parish Police Jury. The three are part of the septic tank that city hall has become." "Charles Fredrick Smith, Delores Brewer, and Roosevelt Johnson have all played their part in the decline and we can expect nothing more than a continuation of the status quo if any of the three become mayor. They ooze backroom deals and shady appointments. They hire family members as high priced consultants. They use their position for personal gain at the expense of the taxpayer." The article then discusses the differences between the two "outsiders," Jacques Roy and John Sams. "If Sams devotes the required amount of time to cleaning up the mess at city hall, he neglects his patients and violates his Hippocratic oath. I wonder what type of man could so easily discard such an ingrained part of his professional responsibility. If he upholds his responsibility to his patients, the voters who placed their faith in him won't be getting what they voted for. Dr. Sams is faced with quite a dilemma." "Last we have Jacques Roy. We can find no reason to believe that he will continue the circus that Alexandria City Hall has become. With his legal training, we assume he knows the scope of a mayor's authority, and the best way to put the brakes on a runaway city council."