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They're Baaaaaack: Anonymous Flame Thrower(s) Continue To Dictate The Discussion on Cenla Antics (And Guess Who They're Mad At?) On Tuesday, I responded to a question on Cenla Antics. Will I be "endorsing" a candidate for mayor on the blog? It's a good question. This blog receives about 300-450 unique visitors per day, most of whom are genuinely interested in local politics and many of whom use this blog as a vehicle for expressing their own opinions on the issues. I've met or spoken with all of the candidates (thus far) at one time or another, and I'm still undecided. But unlike most people my age in Alexandria, I plan on voting in the mayoral election, and once I've made up my mind, I won't mind telling people who I plan on voting for (and the reasons behind my decision). As always, if readers disagree with me, they can explain why right here on the blog. Anyway, someone became really offended that I would have the audacity to "endorse" a candidate. Who the hell do I think I am, after all, to use the word "endorsement?" I'm just a punk. I'm not offended by this person's decision to write an open letter of attack against me, but I'm a little disappointed by his style. It's the same old stuff about my father and my last name with a few words rearranged here and there and a handful of new adjectives. There are many other ways to make fun of me, and I'd hate for this person's rhetorical potency to be diminished by repetition. This anonymous person has also argued that my presence in the discussion about the future of our community should not be acknowledged because I somehow represent a continuation of the way things have been going here for the past twenty years. (It's worth noting that I am 24 years old). So here it is, a letter to the anonymous flame thrower. For your amusement and enjoyment. Dear Anonymous Person Who Claims He's "Nobody," I'd be remiss if I didn't thank you for all of the free publicity. Your hyperbolic words of hatred continue to generate interest in my blog and my opinions, regardless of your intentions. No doubt, the publicity you've given me is an unintended consequence of your efforts at discrediting me. If you're truly interested in discrediting my opinions and silencing my voice in this discussion, then you may want to consider changing your strategy. First, in order for people to understand your argument, they have to know exactly what you're arguing. The best way for you to clarify and hone your argument is by dropping the off-topic attacks on my family. Don't get me wrong. I'm not advising you to do this because I'm offended; by now, I'm used to this tactic. It's simply uneffective, and if the point is to once and for all tell the "truth" about my "attitude," you'll have to reference specific, topical statements that illustrate my "attitude." Also, the argument about my family is faulty, because it places you in a rhetorically untenable position. You can't argue that I don't matter because my family doesn't matter (or whatever it is you're attempting to prove with your shots at my father), because any attention toward my family may also be considered a recognition, on your part, that they do, in fact, matter. Again, it's unintended publicity that underscores precisely what you're attempting to argue against. Second, on a related note, I suggest that you actually read my blog, not because I think you'll change your opinion on me, but because you need to better familiarize yourself with my statements on the issues. There is a reason bloggers like WeSawThat defend me against your attacks: They read my blog, and they know what I've actually said. Your main problem, it seems to me, is that you've decided to conflate my opinions with your perception of the reigning paradigm of the upper class. Unfortunately, the foundation of this argument is not based on any statements I've made on the issues; it's based on a perception you've formed about who I am and what family I come from. It's a tautological argument. Refocus. Third, if you intend on having people take your comments about my naivete and ignorance seriously, you should eliminate the ridiculous junior high school remarks on the male anatomy. Once again, I appreciate the publicity. Best of luck to you. Sincerely, Lamar