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Godard: Video Blog with Mayoral Candidate Delores Brewer Mrs. Brewer answers questions concerning the Alexandria Housing Authority, the need to clean house downtown, Charles Fredrick Smith's opposition in the race, and the televised dispute she had with Bridgett Brown. A Transcript of the Exchange Concerning Bridgett Brown. MG: Explain to us your seemingly non-truth (didn't say lie) regarding the meeting with the lawyers from Baton Rouge. Or why did the mayor leave you hanging on a clarification matter? DB: Well you know, that happened a few weeks ago, and I think that maybe it was just a figure of speech. The mayor went down. He wanted to go talk to his lawyers. He has every right to talk to them. I was with him. We had a great meeting. Good information was gathered that he didn't know before. So you know, it's just a figure of speech. I don't know what people think as far as the mayor a day or two later saying that there was a meeting. There was a meeting. MG: So there was a pre-planned meeting? DB: Absolutely. MG: But when you answered at the Council meeting it sounded like it was just happenstance. You happened to be there. It was characterized like that. DB: I understand that, and you know, maybe I misspoke. I think that it was a figure of speech, and I probably should have clarified that more. But the bottom line is that we did have a meeting and good information came from the meeting. Mrs. Brewer also says we need to investigate the AHA, and in answering a question concerning whether or not she would hire Bridgett Brown, she states that if she were elected mayor, anyone who is not doing their job would be fired immediately. The blogs have been down on Mrs. Brewer recently; many people (most of whom probably work for the other candidates) have even suggested that she'll be dropping out of the race. It's so transparent it's not even funny. Others have written about her son getting into an altercation one night downtown, implying that Mrs. Brewer used her political connections to hide this story. Let me answer that personally: I was there the night of that incident. I even spoke with the girl in question. (She was very bizarre and confrontational). I can guarantee that Mrs. Brewer's son was the victim of this girl's sociopathic behavior. She was the instigator. End of story. (And I completely expect to be maligned by the very people who published these lies. But that's okay. I'm not the story here). I understand that this type of rumor-mongering is a part of every political campaign, but considering this is our most important election in twenty years, I hope that we'll stop allowing the discussion to be dictated by people who persistently publish anonymous, off-topic lies. Yes, they may be scandalous and interesting, but guess what? They're lies, and they shouldn't matter. And no, I haven't decided who I'm going to vote for. Honestly. I don't know. I'm waiting for the debates.