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Alexandria Music Project A Smash Hit And Other Reasons To Believe Nightlife Is Returning To Alexandria Last night, the Alexandria Music Project (better known as AMP) put on its first show of the year at the Riverfront Ampitheater. I'm not too good at estimating turnout, but suffice it to say that the show definitely paid for itself. It wasn't your typical rock n' roll show; tables were reserved upfront for those who undoubtedly made greater financial contributions than the rest of us. But despite this stratification in the audience, the overall vibe was positive, and once the obligatory socialization winded down, people began paying attention to the music and letting their guard down. This is how AMP describes itself: "AMP was officially organized in late 2003 as a non-profit corporation whose sole purpose is to bring good live music to central Louisiana. The key word in the last sentence is good. Without getting too deep into the concept of good, it suffices to say that AMP hopes to bring all types and styles of good music to central Louisiana. While good music cannot be explained in words, we can safely say that good music is not another cover version of Mustang Sally. AMP's initial focus is on cutting-edge singer/songwriters performing original music and flying a little under the radar. This may span the gamut from pop, indie rock, jam bands, country, alternative country, funk, soul, R & B, blues, jazz, folk, cajun, zydeco, bluegrass, reggae, african, world beat, fusions and back again to Americana. Nothing is off limits as long as it's good. AMP hosts at least two major events each year, generally in the spring and fall. Please see our Event Listings for details. AMP 301 is set for June 3, 2006. AMP 302 will be held in the fall, but is still in the works, so please check back for details on the date and location. Members receive complimentary or discounted passes to designated AMP events. AMP may host smaller events throughout the year. Funds permitting, Members may also receive a token novelty, like a coozie, coffee mug or somesuchthing. The long-term vision of AMP is to be a self-sustaining catalyst for good live music in central Louisiana by attracting touring musicians, as well as cultivating local musicians in an effort to establish and sustain a vibrant local music scene in central Louisiana. Of course, this all depends on your support as a Member of AMP. So please join us. You have our solemn pledge that a funky good time will be had by all. To learn more about becoming a Member of AMP, visit our Member Sign Up section. For frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ section." Last night, AMP brought in Two Cow Garage from Ohio and The Gourds from Austin, Texas. I'd never heard of Two Cow Garage before, but they played a decent show when you consider what their type of music must sound like to the average, middle-aged Alexandrian. I have, however, heard of The Gourds. I saw them play last year in Houston at the Continental Club. Believe it or not, the show last night at the ampitheater was about a hundred times better than their show in Houston, and the audience here in Alexandria was even given a little treat at the end of the show when The Gourds played a medley of cover songs, beginning with their ever-popular cover of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice." Kudos to Graves Theus and to the vision of those who want to see rock n' roll music in Alexandria. The riverfront ampitheater is truly one of the best venues for music in the American South. It needs a little attention though in order to make it world-class; real seating and real bathroom facilities should be a top priority for our city government. If we were able to upgrade the facility just a little bit, we'd have the ability to attract larger names and bigger crowds. Not to be outdone, on Friday night, the guys over at Finnegan's Wake booked a Canadian band called Enter the Haggis. Enter the Haggis desribes their music as "Celtic fusion," which I guess means that it sounds like Irish rock. Finnegans easily attracted a crowd of 300 or 400 paying customers, and Enter the Haggis gave all of us an amazing show. So, kudos to Gaylen and Shannon for making it happen. Hopefully, this is a sign of the good things still to come.