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Putting Things Into Perspective: The Woodworth Speed Trap

Yesterday, the Town Talk ran an interesting front page article on the number of tickets issued in Rapides Parish. I thought the article did a good job balancing the arguments, but those guys in Woodworth aren't fooling anyone with their comments on following the law. "We follow the law here in Woodworth," Gonzales said. "I'd like to think we maintain a certain way of life here. It's a place you can feel safe in raising your family, and that includes walking or riding down the street. If that means pulling someone over, whether it's a mile or five miles over the limit, that's what we're going to do. Not everyone does it that way. It's the way we do it."

A mile over the speed limit? What is the margin of error for those radar guns?

The article says that Woodworth doled out over 1,500 tickets last year.

According to the City of Woodworth's website, Woodworth has a population of 1,500. That's a ticket for every man, woman, and child in Woodworth.

The article also states that the Rapides Parish Sherriff's Department issued 960 tickets last year. How could the entire Sherriff's Department issue less tickets than Woodworth?

Regardless of their philosophy of law, it's obvious they're infatuated with their radar guns.