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I Mean, Come On: A friend of mine, Michael D. Smith, who was born, raised, and educated here in Alexandria, Louisiana, recently was awarded with the Fulbright Scholarship. It's an awesome honor, much like the Rhodes. I wrote about it on this blog. I wrote the "education briefs" person at the Town Talk about it. I never heard back. I called this person, left a phone number and e-mail address. I never heard back. I had a friend who works at the Town Talk petition for this brief (not even a real article), and so far, nothing has been done. It's been about a month. What's the deal? Every single day, the education brief section is filled with information about who won the latest JROTC award, and yet a local person who won the Fulbright is somehow not important? I don't mean to step on anyone's toes, but c'mon... This person at the Town Talk never replied to an e-mail and never called me back. What's the deal?