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I had wanted to write about Cleco reporting a 30% increase in profits, the joy the Woodworth Police Department expressed in writing tickets ONE MILE over the speed limit, and the dangers of reading too much into the zodiac. Perhaps I will return to this issue at some point, but for now: There have been two particularly incendiary entries written on Cenla Antics concerning my grandmother, Joanne White. One writer proclaimed, "Lamar White Jr. is a continuation of the silk stocking gang, silver spoon in their mouths families that have long controlled Alexandria. His Grandmother owns her church, having music directors hired, preachers fired for not abiding by her wishes, and bringing tremendous discord to the Alexandria political arena. She will back the loudest malcontent in a local political tiff and, when she can't win all the time, corresponds with political contacts at all levels. Yes Junior is a chip off the old block. Never forget the moneyed (sic) folks in Alexandria know better than us what is best for us." And the other said this, "Grandmother is a demonic, power hungry little old lady. Her, Felix Mouton and Malxom X ran the Parish's Job Programs into tturmoil so bad the State was trying to place the program under Vernon Parish, When the lady friend of Myron was finally rooted out she went to work at the "trade school" (another institute of finer finances for the Bretheren. When Felix was rooted out for sexual harrassement he was hired at the "trade school" at a much higher salary then he was making at the Parish. All this through the good graces of Grandmother. ((Lamar here: How is my grandmother responsible for the actions of these people?)) When her church (and have no doubt it is her church) need (sic) a music director she used her influence to have a person hired who, attested to by departing members of the choir and church, could not sing, had no peronalty (sic) and could not lead, when her music director was fired she had the preacher fired and tune heistger rehired. Yes gentile nice little born poor southern lady. Lamar Junior comes from good stock. " First, I don't think anyone would appreciate someone else calling their grandmother "demonic," and you should really be ashamed of yourself. You speak about church politics as if it is something important to you, yet it's hard to see an ounce of Christian compassion in either of these entries (and I believe they were both penned by the same author). My grandmother is a dynamic person, and she has always been passionate about certain issues: poverty, racism, job training, education, and the prison system. She has worked with local and state leaders in creating a variety of programs to help those in need, including the Shepard Center and Angel Care. Recently, she was asked to participate in a Harvard University forum on race. She has spent her entire life in the service of others, including her family. She may not be perfect. But who is? I've had my own disagreements with her in the past. Leave my grandmother alone. She's in her late 70s, she suffers from a number of health problems, and she doesn't deserve this. If you'd rather attack someone, attack me. I'm right here. You should really be ashamed.