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Democracy Inaction and Why Asking Questions Makes You a Crony in Alexandria Dear Readers, Thank you for your responses and your thoughtfulness. Thank you for understanding that I am asking questions of the candidates because I am interested in the future of our community. Thank you for allowing young people the opportunity to make a living in our community. Dear Misreaders, You should really consider unplugging your computer, stepping outside, taking a deep breath, and rethinking your perspective. You're going about this the wrong way. You're taking shots at me, and you're not even sure why. Maybe it's just for the entertainment value. But don't you see that you're helping to create a culture of bullies? Why would anyone want to do business with you? Why should anyone even listen to you? Most importantly, what are you afraid of? Unfortunately for you, change is in the air, and you can either be a part of it or you can continue to moan and whine from the bleachers. By the way, I am more than willing to post anything that proves that I am "using" this blog for my own financial gain or that I am just a "crony." Send me the evidence. Otherwise, find someone else to pick on, because as WeSawThat said, you just look foolish. All the best, Lamar White, Jr. PS: Thanks U B D Judge. If I ever decide to write a book, I'm definitely using this as a blurb, even though you meant it sarcastically. "u b d judge said... Meet the real Lamar White, Jr. - philosopher, analyst, seasoned veteran of life, king maker and self-made man."