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Score One for the Town Talk! In today's issue, the paper slams the Pineville City Council for endorsing H.B. 8, a ridiculous piece of legislation that whines about spending advertisement money with certain newspapers in certain communities. There are a number of problems with this stupid bill (and it doesn't surprise me that our elected officials here in Alexandria endorsed the bill without checking the facts). From the article: "

The truth is that legal advertising -- "the legals," as they are known -- are state-mandated public notices that tell taxpayers all kinds of things that are important to them, their families, their neighbors and their future, such as:

 When the school board will vote on a plan to change the attendance zone for the schools your children attend.

 How much you'll be on the hook for if a town, airport authority or sewer district borrows millions to build the flavor-of-the-day project.

 Whether a planning commission will rezeone the property next to your house so someone can build a ... well, we'll let you fill in the blank.

The truth is that there are sound reasons why state law requires government bodies to publish notices about the public's business where people can find them easily and where a third party can prove that the notices were, in fact, published.

That place, historically and appropriately, has been in a community's daily newspaper. In this case, that means The Town Talk."

This seems like dirty politics, and I think they're underestimating the Town Talk's ability to shift opinion.

Keep up the good work.