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"Mr. White, this is the first time I have viewed your blog and I feel this topic is only vaguely related to Alexandria. Here are some more pertinent topics I would like to see you address in future blogs: How many days to uncle sam jam? How can we get the Aces back? Do people in Alexandria throw fast food at Jack Frost like in the Weatherman with N.Cage, if not how can we get this trend started? Isnt BJ's Pizza just a knockoff of old Johnny's Pizza places - whats the story there? How does that guy get to live in that houseboat on the river by downtown? Does he dump his sewage in the river?" 1. Uncle Sam Jam. Isn't that on July 4th? So that would be 84 days? 2. The Aces ARE back. 3. No. He does have a funny name, though. Of course, he could go by "John" or "Johnny." I think he likes nipping at your toes. 4. Who cares? I think they're basically the same thing. BJ's rocks. 5. I KNOW. What the hell? But... not sure he actually LIVES there.