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"LC headed in right direction" BACKWARDS! I think this shall fall on deaf ears, but hopefully there will be a seed planted. I read something recently and therefore should heed this advice. It simply reads: "Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly and leave the rest to God." Hey maybe it works for you... it seems like good personal, spiritual advice, but it's not exactly a fitting motto for an academic institution. I was reading Your Mail in The Town Talk last week and was saddened by the gentleman writing about taking his money from Louisiana College and how campus "legends" were leaving their posts and also about student protests. Students are protesting, "legendary" professors are quitting, and rich alumns are not giving money anymore. Yeah, LC is definitely headed in the "right" direction. What a terrible time for a few disgruntled people trying to stop a college that is still interested in morals and biblical teaching. A few disgruntled people? I think there are more than just a few. Why is it so wrong to want to keep our children from being exposed to certain writings or movies? Why should we open the door for our children to have a choice between good and evil? WHAT? Children???? The people who attend LC are NOT children, and you can no longer "protect" them from REALITY. And what is this about "having a choice between good and evil?" Huh? Are you implying that good Baptists don't have the ability to choose between good and evil? If your son asked for bread would you give him a stone? "If my people would humble themselves and pray ..." Huh? What does that have anything to do with LC? I would just like to say "thank you" to Dr. Joe Aguillard, LC president, and the wonderful staff and students who have prayed, taken a stand and not cast their pearl before swine. Pearl before swine? So people who protest this hostile takeover are "swine?" Faye Bergen