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Anonymous said... If you will check the archive at the Town Talk I think you will see that EMS is wholly owned by David Pugh and that David Pugh , on his own, had his contract modified to reduce his contract from 50% to 20% . This guy really believes in uncovering the truth and it appears that he is willing to give away some of the profit to make sure it happens. It only makes me MORE sure that he believes that CLECO ows the Citizens money. He clearly is wearing the white hat in this situation. AS is HIS consultant Sam Sansing. Dont trust me , check the facts on the reduction of fee REQUESTED by Pugh. 11:48 AM Thanks for the information. You're right. I knew they were good people; that's why I was a little surprised by the 50% figure. It makes me feel a lot better about the whole deal... and it also highlights (again) the sheer opportunism of others in this scandal. It's still refreshing to know that Mr. Sansing and Mr. Pugh did the right thing. Kudos.