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Responding to more anonymous idiocy: "If you want something to think about, check out Lamar's blog. He and Myron have a love fest over the future of downtown. It would appear that Lamar is now firmly ensconced in the Lawson Fan Club. Just what we need. I see a consulting contract in his future." That is completely ridiculous; your ignorance is insulting. First of all, Myron and I did not have a "love fest." I think everyone wants the same basic thing, and I think it is important to work together. I don't agree that Lee Street should become the arts district or that Bolton Avenue should be the entertainment district, which are both parts of the new proposal. I shouldn't be wasting my energy responding to people who really don't know what they're talking about, but if people like you, Mr. Anonymous, continue to spread stupid lies about my real intentions, I feel an obligation to defend myself. Plus, this project is not a HUGE cash cow, and we may not even do it, especially if the political climate in Alexandria is really this backwards and stupid. You attempt to do a good thing, and people attack you for trying to work with the community and our leaders. "I went to Lamar's blog and read Lamar on Lamar and Lamar on Alexandria. He labels himself a facilitator but he is just a cheerleader for the powers that be. He is old money doing old stuff the old way. What a shame. Well, at least he gave us a brief glimmer of hope." I'm old money doing old stuff the old way? I haven't done ANYTHING! We're in the planning stages! First of all, I am not doing things the old way. You are woefully ignorant. You have no idea what you're talking about, and if you think that I'm accepting any personal kickbacks from the government, ("the old way"), I will offer full transparency of our records. Go ahead and audit me. The reason it's important to meet with City Councilmen on this is OBVIOUS: They own the building across the street. A current councilman owns the Weiss and Goldring building. They're considering the purchase of the Hotel Bentley. They can help with parking arrangements. They know the historical incentives and revitalization incentives that will help decrease our overhead expenses. Plain and simple. I'd be an idiot if I decided I wouldn't speak with the city government. And I'm not afraid of telling them the way I feel. I'll be publishing an article in the TT every month on what I've learned about city government, and I'm not in the business of kissing ass.