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Have you ever experienced this? You're sitting outside when, suddenly, the neighbor's dog starts barking. It's unclear why the dog is barking, but it's loud and fierce and it's echoing across the neighborhood. Soon, the other neighborhood dogs are chiming in; they're barking in concert with the first dog. I kind of feel like Cenla Antics is a little bit like this phenomenon. That said, someone finally articulated why the first dog started barking, and I think he/she would be surprised by my response to their analysis: "proud alexandrian . said..." Considering this person is running for office, it'd be refreshing to know who this is, but still, he/she makes some good points, and I can't fault their delicate position. "Lamar, I apologize for our apparent lack of objectivity." I am not sure why the writer is assuming the role of spokesperson for the entire blog. "If, however, a person is generally if not universally perceived as a self-serving, dishonest opportunist and has a history of injury and insult to our community fisc, progress, and image, you naturally contaminate your position in our eyes by citing this person as your authority and information source." This is a reference to Myron Lawson. In Alexandria, all you have to do is shake the man's hand and you're suddenly his best friend. I'm not sure I ever used Mr. Lawson as an authority, but he's definitely a source of information. I have already corrected one piece of misinformation that I had previously posted, and if there are other errors in my reporting, please let me know. "So you are catching an undeserved ration of shit not for who you are, or what you do, or what you believe, but in whom you believe, respect, and promote." Again, I haven't thrown my support behind any candidate, and I would never believe, respect, or promote an individual who is "universally perceived as a self-serving, dishonest opportunist," no matter who it is. I'm just making my own observations based on my own experiences, and this blog is a recollection of my experiences. "Many of us believe, on a rational AND intuitive basis, that you can stack trendy downtown boutiques and high-priced condos up to heaven and what you will have are failed boutiques and empty condos. The reason for that is a well-deserved lack of confidence in the administration and council." I COMPLETELY agree. 100% behind you. "We think we need a radical and complete change in the cast and you are simply trying to tune up the third act." That's unfair. I'm not tuning up the third act. I'm doing my own thing. "I fully expect to visit your blog and read about what a complete moron I am and how I miss the whole message, use improper syntax and spell poorly, and you very well may be right. But consider for one moment, the possibility that there is another view that deserves at least your thoughtful evaluation." Again, that's also unfair. I actually agree with you, and I've been making the same, basic points for a few weeks now. Go back and read from the beginning. "Our opportunity for economic and cultural growth and progress is absolutely dependant on a change in not just the identity but the quality of our leadership and government. That will be the world that lets your vision turn to reality." Yes! "And yes, I am seeking office, so I'm not just "ranting"." Have we spoken before? Saturday, March 18, 2006 9:55:44 AM"