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Roy Sworn In As Alexandria's New Mayor Earlier this afternoon, Jacques Roy was sworn in as Alexandria's 23rd mayor in an outdoor ceremony held on the banks of the Red River. Prior to the ceremony, around two hundred people crowded the pews of St. Francis Xavier for a mass service. After the service, the Peabody Marching Band led Roy and several others, including Ned Randolph and his wife Deborah, in a small parade down Third Street and up Jackson to the Riverfront Center. The theme of the inauguration was "In Celebration of a Renewed Spirit," which mimics Randolph's inaugural theme twenty years ago, "In Celebration of a New Spirit," and several speakers, including Randolph himself, stated their belief that Alexandria's spirit had, in fact, been renewed by Mr. Roy's campaign. Roy began his speech by recognizing and honoring the service of Mr. Randolph. And I quote:

Ned Randolph carefully laid the foundation for this City—from a time when some, rightly or wrongly, felt there was no hope—and by doing so, by loving Alexandria and keeping his word to the City, we will benefit by building ever upward on that solid ground, that concrete example Ned's pure integrity and deep kindness to his fellow man. Integrity and kindness: would that those two descriptions be said of us all. But, alas, we are blessed to reap the blossom of those powerful seeds; indeed, those twin virtues were mixed by Ned Randolph into the mortar which holds our City together—that glue that binds us has proved critical to us on more than one occasion, from attacking each other and from letting misfortune render us hopeless—like when racial tension has spiked or when we faced the closure of England Air Base.

In a very real sense, this excitement we feel now is the fruition of years of hard work and plantings; it is the promise of a bountiful harvest; it is also the burden with which you have charged me; with your trust, you say you will expect no less than full commitment to your City.
Roy's inauguration was attended by over 500 people, including several members of government and representatives from the offices of both David Vitter and Mary Landrieu. Roy received a congratulatory phone call from Governor Kathleen Blanco about an hour before the ceremony. Later: Roy's Inaugural Address.