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Only In Louisiana: Congressman Jefferson Reelected By Landslide, Despite 90K Found In His Freezer by the FBI. I'm going to disagree with WeSawThat on this. It doesn't matter whether or not this guy voted for or against the Patriot Act (or whether or not he's been indicted YET), he shouldn't have been reelected. WeSawThat, what about the fact that Jefferson wasted precious time and resources during Hurricane Katrina when he directed rescue workers to his Uptown mansion so he could spend 45 minutes collecting his things? Here, take a look. Carter couldn't win-- despite the fact that she outspent him five to one and had a significant netroots movement-- Jefferson had the machine and got the big endorsements, like Mayor Nagin and Sheriff Harry Lee, who probably broke campaign finance laws when he spent out a mailer to chronic Jefferson Parish voters concerning Karen Carter's statement in Spike Lee's documentary about Katrina.