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Foster Campbell Says He's "99.9%" Certain That He's Running for Governor The current Louisiana Public Service Commissioner, Foster Campbell (seen on the right, sullenly walking a horse), is expected to announce his candidacy for governor of Louisiana in the near-future. Campbell, a self-described populist, claims to have learned a lot about Louisiana's unique energy policies and would seek reformations if elected. From the News Star:

He is pushing a plan to end severance taxes, corporate income taxes and personal income taxes, a cut of about $3 billion, while levying a 5 percent tax on all oil refined in the state, foreign or domestic, which would generate about $5 billion per year in revenue, he said.

He said coastal erosion caused by the network of canals and pipelines that act as a central hub for the country's oil supply is a huge problem that is being ignored.

"It's a shame what's happened because more people care about special interests than people's interests," Campbell said. "We should be the most progressive state in the South, but we haven't put our money where we should.

"We ought to make our state clean and literate, instead of illiterate," Campbell said. "In some parishes, 50 percent of kids live in poverty."

The solution could come in the form of the oil and gas tax, which Campbell said he is pushing for in 2007.

"It takes sound financial planning with a good purpose and making sure the money is spent well.