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Big Changes in Store for CenLamar As promised several months ago, CenLamar will be moving away from the blogspot address and onto its own domain, www.cenlamar.com. But there are many other changes in store, and I just wanted to give you guys fair warning:

  • The new CenLamar will not allow anonymous commenting. But don't freak out, anonymice. You'll simply need to register a user name (or several user names), and you'll still be able to write under a pseudonym.
  • The new CenLamar will feature an interactive, team-blogged nightlife and music section.
  • The new CenLamar will also feature free classified advertising. Kinda like our own miniature Craig's List.
  • And most importantly, the new CenLamar will be written by a group of writers. If you are interested in writing for CenLamar (sorry, we can't pay you yet), send a writing sample and a letter to lamarw@gmail.com.
  • One more thing: the new CenLamar will graduate from the blogger software onto WordPress, which is way cooler and much more intuitive.