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Airport Opens With Grand Reception... And A Quick Talk With Senator Landrieu. Tonight, the new terminal of the Alexandria International Airport opened with a packed reception featuring community members, prominent community leaders, and dignitaries. Among those who spoke include Wayne Denley, Jon Grafton, Representative Rodney Alexander, Charlie Dewitt, and Senator Mary Landrieu. The airport is awesome, by the way. For those of you displaced Central Louisianans, trust me: Our new airport will knock your socks off. It's beautiful. I was fortunate to be able to personally meet and speak with Senator Landrieu earlier today, before the reception. Landrieu emphasized her commitment to smart growth principles as a way of planning the future of Louisiana. Senator Landrieu may be considering the creation of a panel of Louisiana mayors to discuss and evaluate solvent smart growth methods. The Senator also spoke of the need to pass the upcoming vote on the offshore drilling bill, which, she claims, has been the result of several years of work. Landrieu is in the process of ensuring that fellow Senators explain the need for this legislation to their colleagues in the House.