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Yesterday, Jacques Roy easily won the Alexandria Mayoral Election, capturing over 76% of the vote against opponent Delores Brewer. I will be offering a detailed precinct-by-precinct analysis later. Last night, I had the privilege of introducing our new mayor to the throngs of supporters (estimated between 500-600 people) who gathered at the Holiday Inn. Here's what I said (if I had Jacques's speech, I'd post it too):

Three months ago, a young lawyer named Jacques Roy announced his intentions to run for mayor of Alexandria. It was a daunting task in a crowded field of seven candidates-- one of whom had already raised over $100,000, a huge amount for such a small city. This election, as has been said frequently, was one of, if not the most important election in our city's history. It was an election of enthusiasm and ideas. It was an election about holding government accountable. It was an election about our future. What we've witnessed tonight is not merely a single victory for a single candidate; it is representative of a huge movement of people- black and white, young and old, Democrat and Republican, a movement of positivity and energy and vigor, a movement created by people committed to the future of our great city, and a movement that I believe will exist for many years to come. It is with great pride and honor that I introduce to you Alexandria's new mayor, Jacques Roy.
(I didn't stick to the script, but this is what I MEANT to say. Short and sweet). For now, let's talk about what's next.