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Tonight! All the Way from Portland, Oregon (By Way of Rhode Island)... Monstrous! With Opening Act the Tim Turner Band the Frosty Factory, 10PM More on Monstrous: THE Rock n' Roll Band "MONSTROUS" are Three brothers from Rhode Island, Led Gethway -Guitar & vocals - Ken Gethway -Bass & Vocals - Alex Gethway - Drums & vocals . The brothers have been playing and stock piling songs over the last 10 years. Now in their 20's they have been travling around the country in a big white candy truck playing shows , parties and writing their next record . Monstrous just made a studio record of 15 songs , intitled " MOTHER NATURES SLAVES " for release on September 19th 2006 on the New York City label MONSTROUS has just signed with (Howler Records.)