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Roy: Preparing Comprehensive Plan for Alexandria According to Mayor-elect Jacques Roy, suggestions from his seventy-plus member transition team will be used in writing an extensive and comprehensive plan for Alexandria's future. Roy expects a preliminary plan to be completed within the next two weeks but states that a final draft won't be ready for at least six months. "I think people will be surprised about the amount of material produced by the transition team, its interfacing with city officials (who have been very candid), and the preliminary compartmentalization of the issues," Roy said. "The model we used has been very effective, and like the campaign, was borne of the ideas of Alexandrians. Although a comprehensive 'findings' document is far off, a 100-day plan with executive style summaries will be released shortly." Roy believes it will be important to share the plan with the entire community and has suggested holding town hall meetings, open to the public, in which audience members will be able to ask questions and offer suggestions to the new mayor and his administration. Roy's transition team is composed of volunteers, many of whom have been working throughout the Thanksgiving holidays, compiling information and writing reports on specifically-assigned subjects.