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Gunn: Mayor Ned Randolph No Longer Supportive of Delores Brewer's Campaign From the article in the Town Talk:

"I couldn't be a part of that," Mayor Randolph said, referring to an Oct. 12 news conference Brewer gave where she slammed contingency contracts the city has with outside lawyers and a consulting company. The city-Cleco dispute has been a major campaign issue between Brewer, a Republican, and her Democratic rival, Jacques Roy.

The rift between the Randolphs and Brewer comes after decades of close, personal ties: Delores Brewer grew up down the road from Ned Randolph in Colfax; Brewer's husband, John Brewer, and Ned Randolph have been friends for 50 years; and Ned Randolph is godfather to the Brewers' son, Morgan.