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Tomorrow Night: Papa Grows Funk in Alexandria World-famous New Orleans funk band, Papa Grows Funk, will be playing in Alexandria for the first time tomorrow night at Spirits. $10 a ticket, 10 PM, Spirits. And this time, Lee's moving all the tables and chairs out. A pithy review from the Onion AV Club: An elemental purist act with lineage to burn, Papa Grows Funk is a New Orleans bar band that retraces Bourbon Street for the highway-bound jam circuit. Headed by Funky Meters drummer Russell Batiste, Jr., Wild Magnolias guitarist June Yamagishi, (former) Galactic saxophonist Jason Mingledorff and Hammond organ ace John Gros, the group gives funk a gritty once-over on 2001’s Doin’ It, which seems to have been a big hit in Japan. Bank on big grooves and crowd dancing a little looser than it should be. Visit Spirits Online.