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Roy Wins 33% of the Vote, Faces Brewer in Run-Off. Silver Defeats Lampert, Hobbs Defeats Hickman, Lawson Defeats Slatkin Please allow me, just once, to be a little hyperbolic. Yesterday represented a great turning point in the history of Alexandria when over one-third of all voters cast their vote for candidate Jacques Roy, according to unofficial results. The difference between second and third place was a scant seventeen votes, narrowly placing Delores Brewer ahead of Roosevelt Johnson as the final precincts were counted. During the next month, we should continue to talk about the issues, and we should encourage an inclusive conversation that brings everyone to the table. On a personal note: A special kudos to all of the people who have encouraged and emboldened me to express my opinions and an even greater thank you to everyone who has used this blog to stand up for what they believe in, to call people into action, and to hold others accountable. The Internet represents a powerful new median, and in Alexandria, we're just now beginning to understand its potential. Also, to the students, faculty, and alumni of Bolton High School, particularly those of you who have contributed to this blog, two very positive things happened last week that could change your school forever: Our school system is no longer under the desegregation order, and Mrs. Pam Webb was elected to serve your district as a School Board member. Seize the opportunity. Round One is over. But we're not finished yet.