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Read Me: The Facts About the Cleco Case On June 23, 2005 the Town Talk reported the City had filed suit against Cleco. FACT: When the City Council went into Executive Session on June 21, 2005 to discuss pending litigation with Cleco, Emergency Management Services, LLC sole owner and member was David Pugh. See Louisiana Secretary of State Corporate Database. EMS was founded in April 2004 and had a change in membership in May 2004 leaving Pugh the sole member. FACT: On September 23, 2005, Harold Chambers, Darrell Williamson and Sonny Craig were dismissed from the City. Delores Brewer moved into the position of Chief of Staff soon after. FACT: On March 7, 2006 the City Council authorized the Mayor to sign Amendment 1 to the contract with EMS, lowering their contingency fee (compensation rate) they would recover from the Cleco suit. Delores Brewer was the Chief of Staff then and could have advised the City Council to negate the contract then if it was "illegal." The amount EMS is due to receive is no longer at 50%. FACT: Bridgett Brown is part of the legal team, along with 2 other Alexandria attorneys, who have since left the case, and 2 attorneys from Baton Rouge whose contract states they are to receive 35% of moneys recovered from the suit which will be split 5 ways. Even though the 2 other Alexandria attorneys departed from the contract, the most Bridgett Brown could receive under this agreement is 11.67%. FACT: Sam Sansing, along with David Pugh, were sued by Cleco for breach of confidentiality after they left the employ of Cleco. On October 15, 2005, Sansing countersued Cleco in an act known as reconventional demand. Sansing's attorney of record is Jacques Roy, something Mr. Roy has never disputed. Mr. Roy does not represent EMS, nor does he represent David Pugh, nor is he one of the other two attorneys who would recover any portion of the 35% under the legal agreement with the City of Alexandria. He is representing an individual being sued by a former employer. In order to read the Town Talk's coverage of the Cleco case, you'll need a credit card to access their archives. Or you could just go to the library.