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Precinct by Precinct Analysis of the Mayoral Election Although the results won't be made official until Tuesday, the Louisiana Secretary of State is still offering an unofficial precinct by precinct breakdown of the Alexandria mayoral election, and its results are interesting. * Jacques Roy won the early or absentee voting by a significant margin, 42%, particularly when one considers the fact that he faced six other candidates. * Roosevelt Johnson won the most votes in eighteen (18) of the forty-one (41) precincts, primarily precincts in South and Southeast Alexandria. Several of the precincts won by Mr. Johnson recorded exceptionally low turnout. * One precinct recorded zero votes. * Joe Fuller won the most votes in three precincts, one of which he won by garnering a total of three (3) votes. * Interestingly, Delores Brewer, who has unofficially placed in second, won the most votes in only two precincts, one of which she won by collecting a total of only 13 (thirteen) votes and the other of which, C18, votes at Bolton High School. * Jacques Roy won the most votes in seventeen (17) of the forty-one (41) precincts, including both precincts at Alexandria Senior High, both precincts at Nachman Elementary, and both precincts at Cherokee Elementary. * Jacques Roy garnered more votes than Delores Brewer in thirty-four (34) out of forty-one (41) precincts, and of those in which Brewer edged out Roy, the margin of victory was, for the most part, in the single digits. * Precinct by precinct analysis indicates that Jacques Roy received a significant number of crossover votes. That is, he garnered strong second and third place finishes in a number of precincts in which Mr. Johnson and Mr. Fuller finished in first or second place. * It appears that white voter turnout far surpassed African-American voter turnout. It should be noted that in some of the precincts claimed by Mr. Johnson, the total votes collected were only in the double digits. However, Mr. Johnson also appears to have garnered a number of crossover votes as well, placing a strong second or third place in many of the precincts captured by Jacques Roy. * The precinct with the most turnout appears to be C36, which I believe is Charles Park, with a total of 921 votes. (Correct me if I am wrong). How to Interpret the Data: As a disclaimer, I do not claim to be a political scientist, though I have studied the discourse, and as was reported on KALB (thanks for the plug, guys), I am a strong supporter of Jacques Roy. The data illustrates a number of interesting trends. First, it indicates the growth of Alexandria, spreading South and Southwest. Those precincts recorded the most number of votes. It also shows that in precincts in which the majority of voters are white, Mrs. Brewer garnered enough votes to put her (unofficially) in second place, as she finished a strong second to Jacques Roy in most of those precincts. However, it also shows the crossover appeal of Mr. Roy. He was able to capture votes in every active precinct (note: again, one precinct, C22, recorded no votes for all seven candidates. That is, an entire precinct didn't even vote). Mrs. Brewer received zero votes in two precincts, excluding C22. Additionally Mr. Roy received votes in the double digits in nearly every precinct located in majority African-American neighborhoods, while Mrs. Brewer's votes were capped in the single digits. What does this mean? You decide. Click here.