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Open Questions to the Rodney Alexander Campaign
I recently saw Congressman Alexander's latest television commercial. You know, the one where everyone's wearing red? Alexander's wife says that he comes home every weekend to be with his family. I guess the viewer is supposed to believe that the more he's with his wife and the less he's in Washington, the better represented we all are in the Fifth District. Earlier today, I heard a report that claimed this Congress has worked fewer days than any Congress in the past fifty years-- only 100 days a year. Personally, I would be more satisfied if Alexander stayed in Washington a few weekends, because although people are more important than politics, those of us in the fifth district aren't paying Alexander to play politics; we're paying him to work for the best interests of our district. Incidentally, who is paying for the Congressman to fly back home every weekend? I have a few more questions. 1. Can you name one piece of legislation authored by Rodney Alexander during the previous Congressional session? 2. Why did Congressman Alexander vote against H.R. 4954? The resolution dealt with enhancing the security of America's ports and was co-sponsored by eighty of Alexander's colleagues. 3. Congress worked around 100 days last year, less than a third of the year. Alexander's wife states that he comes home every weekend from Washington. Are we to conclude that Alexander returns home every weekend while Congress is in session? 4. What does Alexander actually mean when he states "people are more important than politics?" Isn't he supposed to be working FOR THE PEOPLE in Congress? Ultimately, shouldn't he, as our Congressman, be working for the people in Washington, D.C.? After all, that's why we sent him there. 5. Regardless of one's political party, I understand that there are certain limitations facing a first-term Congressman. But can anyone point to a single piece of legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by Rodney Alexander that SPECIFICALLY benefits the citizens of Central Louisiana?