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Facebook and LC Detractors For those of you who don't know, Facebook (located at www.facebook.com) is a member's-only social networking site created by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg about two years ago. Initially, the only people allowed to join facebook were those with college e-mail addresses, but recently, facebook has opened up to high school students and a select number of corporations. Soon, members will be able to join based on their geographical location. Facebook also allows individuals to create groups based on a common interest. For instance, there is a Jacques Roy for Mayor facebook group with 38 members spread across the state. Anyway, today, I discovered two facebook groups: the "I Miss the Old LC" group and the "Future Rich Alumni Who Aren't Giving This School a Dime" group. The groups are composed of current and former students. "I Miss the Old LC" currently has 61 members and the "Future Rich Alumni..." group has 37 members, and their message boards contain some interesting commentary, including one that claims the administration has its eye on the criticism leveled by current seniors. Here's the description of the "Future Rich Alumni..." group:

They want to censor student-run websites? Well, I'm going to censor my six figure income. This is a group of people they shouldn't piss off if they want any alumni funding in the coming years (and their friends that are going to be teachers, ministers, etc. who wouldn't give LC if they were making big money.)
And here's the description of the "I Miss the Old LC" group:
Members of this group remember the days of academic greatness; the presidency of Rory Lee; the leadership of Lori Thames; the lectures of Thomas Howell, Carlton Winbery, Bill Simpson, and others; and above all, the lack of theological litmus tests.
Yesterday, an alumn wrote the following post on the "I Miss the Old LC" message board (and I found it interesting, because of all the things that have ever been written about LC on this blog, no one has ever made this point):
Okay, you young folks never saw the old LC. The 1998-1999 year (pre-football) was probably the last year that you could still call it the "old" LC. Anyone who was there would know what I'm talking about... a time when both feet DIDN'T have to be on the floor during open house. Rattle off all the names you want, but unless names like "Jackie Barton" ring a bell, you don't know the "old" LC. LC started its journey down the tubes long before the Aguillard brothers arrived. If you look at the US News reports, LC was on its way down even during the early years of Rory Lee's presidency. Not that I agree with what's going on now, but this LC you are describing is not the "old" LC. It was an LC in transition to becoming the laughing stock that it is now.
I decided to write about these groups because I think it's important to acknowledge that while there are many supporters of the changes enacted at LC, there's an also organizational effort behind the dissent (and this effort, at least in its online form, is primarly composed recent alumni). Links (Note: You must be a member of Facebook to review this content): I Miss the Old LC Future Rich Alumns Who Aren't Giving a Dime to This School