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Maltuzi Holdings, LLC a.k.a. NameKing.Com A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I was surprised and dismayed to find the domain name www.cenlamar.com was purchased by a company called Maltuzi Holdings, L.L.C. Since then, I have learned a little bit more about Maltuzi. I've been contacted by a number of different people and businesses who have also had their domain name scooped up by Maltuzi. They seem to be experts at this. Someone called me yesterday and told me that Maltuzi purchased their small business's domain name on the day it went up for renewal. Their business (a flower shop, I believe) had owned the domain for seven years. They used it in all of their advertising. I received this e-mail today:

"I don't know if you're aware of the Trenton Duckett case in Florida. Trenton is a 2 yr. old boy who his mother claimed was taken from his bedroom while she and some friends watched a movie. About a week and a half after he went missing, his 21-yr. old mother, who is now the prime suspect, killed herself in her grandparents home. She was uncooperative with police, left vague notes, refused a polygraph and had other odd or suspect behaviors. They still have not found Trenton.
This case has really been bugging me and this morning I wondered why I hadn't thought to offer to set up a website for these people or if they even had one. So when I went to check on TrentonDuckett.com, I found it was taken by Maltuzi Holdings on September 9, the day AFTER the mother killed herself. In short, (and in my opinion) these people are scum. What's even a little bit worse (if it can get worse) is that when you go TO trentonduckett.com it comes up with all of these links for things like real estate, mortgages, airline tickets and other things people shop for. Well, these losers have it so that those links come up with the domain name inserted in them. For instance, if you were looking for shoes, it would say Maltuzi Holdings has shoes! So, you guessed it, it says things like "Maltuzi Holdings has Trenton" and "Looking for Trenton?" Scum. Absolute scum."
Well, it certainly seems like Maltuzi just uses keyword searches to pick up domains, milk them for traffic, and then (hopefully) sell them for a premium. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any real method to their madness. They buy the domain names of existing businesses (which, I imagine, probably inspires many business owners to pick up the phone and call their lawyer). They bought CenLamar.com, and they didn't even know what it meant. And it looks like they also bought trentonduckett.com, because the missing boy was in the news-- and perhaps they felt that there was money to be made in someone else's misery. We should protest! I don't have any problem with their business buying domain names, but when you purposely co-opt someone's identity and when you use the name of a missing baby to make money, well, I think you need to answer questions about your professional ethics. Maltuzi Holdings, LLC's listed e-mail address is admin@maltuzi.com. I found their phone number somewhere, but now I can't seem to locate it. For people who have had their domains purchased by Maltuzi, I'm not sure if this really made a difference (but I like to think it did). Here's the letter I wrote:
To Whom It May Concern: My name is Lamar White, Jr. I attempted to contact your company earlier tonight, and I was directed straight to a cell phone voice mailbox. Your company recently purchased the domain name CenLamar.com, a product of my imagination, obviously named after the blogsite I created in March of 2006, considering the site's top searches inventory. That said, I hope that we can reach a cooperative agreement regarding my intellectual property before we need to involve employment lawyers regarding your company's decision to co-opt my brand name and identity. I will ask now that, before any legal work is filed, you please relinquish the domain name CenLamar.com at fair cost to my company, considering your only obvious intention in purchasing said domain is to rely on my blogsite's keyword searches and unique content. If any agreement cannot be reached within 36 (thirty-six) hours, I will take the necessary steps to pursue litigation against your company. Sincerely, Lamar White, Jr.