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Election Predictions We're less than a week away. Seven candidates. We all know who they are. How do you think they'll finish? As of today, the completely unofficial and totally unscientific poll in the Town Talk has received over 10,500 votes. It breaks down like this: Delores Brewer: 30.8% Joe Fuller: 5.2% Red Hammond: 3.1% Roosevelt Johnson: 11.6% Jacques Roy: 33.2% John Sams: 8.8% Charles F. Smith, Jr: 7.4% Source: The Town Talk These results have 72.8% of the vote going toward three white candidates and only 27.2% going toward four African-American candidates. The overall racial make-up of Alexandria among registered voters is approximately 52% African-American and 48% white. This poll implies significant racial crossover. Will this happen on September 30th? Or are these numbers the result of the poll's limited sample pool? What do you think?