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Coming Soon: CenLamar.Com
I'm happy to report that after writing a vaguely worded letter about intellectual property rights and employment law cases, Maltuzi Holdings LLC has relinquished its ownership of the domain name www.cenlamar.com, allowing me the opportunity to purchase the domain for a very reasonable price. The website will still utilize Google's blogger technology, and it will take some time before I can get things off of the ground. We will need:
  1. Additional writers. CenLamar.com will be a team effort. Anonymous posting will still be enabled, but team members will be allowed full access to posting and editing capabilities.
  2. Graphic designers. C'mon, it's gotta be pretty.
  3. Advertising. CenLamar will give a 10% commission on advertising. Find us an ad and make yourself some money.
  4. Grassroots encouragement. Spread the word. This month, the blog has already received 12,000 visitors (with a projected monthly total of 20,000). But the more people we get, the bigger the enterprise, the better our independent press can become. (A print version is still a dream, but with the help and encouragement of people in our community, it can quickly become a reality).
Information for Advertisers (This is basically what the mail-out will look like): What Is CenLamar? CenLamar (cenlamar.blogspot.com) is an online blogging community created by Lamar White, Jr. in March of 2006. Initially, CenLamar was intended to be an experiment-- a case study on life in Central Louisiana and a series of archived news stories and commentary concerning the issues uniquely affecting our community. But as the website grew so did its purpose. Today, CenLamar receives between 600- 1,100 hits per day, drawing the attention of people from all across the world. Because the website utilizes Google’s blogging technology, CenLamar is also capable of generating original commentary from anyone with an opinion. During the next month, CenLamar will expand in both size and scope. The website will have a new look, a new location (www.cenlamar.com), and a team of writers and artists all committed to sharing information and news on Central Louisiana. It will position itself as Central Louisiana’s first true independent press, and with the community’s support, will also appear as a stand-alone free monthly print publication, likely with a different name and look. Why Are You Telling Me This? Because we need your help. Think of this as a grassroots movement. A collection of people all working toward the same cause: a real independent press unafraid to tackle the issues, a sounding board for concerned citizens to express themselves, and a venue for locals to exchange information. You’re Asking Me To Advertise My Business On Your Website. How Would This Benefit My Business? 1. The numbers are great. 13,503 hits in August, 12,400 already in September (as of the 21st), and over half of all visitors return frequently. 2. The Internet is the ONLY media that allows people to see specific numbers on productivity. Other larger markets have already tapped into the growth potential the Internet provides. Alexandria has a little catching up to do, but the right components are already in place. 3. Your business would be directly reaching the perfect demographic-- young, intelligent people with an interest in this community and the willingness to express themselves, people engaged in their community, people who want to buy LOCAL, opinion leaders, writers, artists, Gen X, Gen Y, politicians, City Hall, doctors, lawyers, and small business owners. 4. You’d be getting in at the ground level, and once we go to print, you’d be right there in the middle of things. 5. CenLamar reaches people from all over the world. Last month, we had readers in Italy, Nepal, England, Australia, and South Africa and over twenty different U.S. states. People who want to feel connected to Alexandria, and the website gives them immediate access. 6. The Internet’s not just for nerds anymore. The stats don’t lie. Take a look at them: As of September 21, 2006: A few things to notice: 1. Growth has been exponential. 2. More than half of all visitors return, which means 3. The rest of all visitors are first-timers. 4. During the month of August, CenLamar received 8,523 unique visitors OR 17% of the population of Alexandria. Who’s Visiting? How to read the pie chart: 1. 40.5% of visitors return frequently. 2. 14.3% of visitors return at least once. 3. 14.3% of visitors return at least three times. 4. 31.0% of visitors are first-timers! Wow. That’s Impressive. I Like the Idea of an Independent Press. So, How Does This Work? Quite simple, actually. You tell us you want an ad, and we can guarantee a certain number of impressions. Ads will all be the same size, but the number of hits you receive depends on your level of commitment. Let’s take care of this first: 1. CenLamar will only accept LOCAL advertisement. 2. CenLamar will not accept advertisement by businesses of ill-repute. We don’t think this deserves much explanation. You know what we mean. 3. CenLamar, when it goes to print, won’t be called CenLamar. We haven’t picked out a name yet, but CenLamar is the online blog community, not the print publication. Here’s what we’re looking for: 1. Official sponsorships. Businesses that officially sponsor CenLamar will be listed and linked directly under the banner. 2. Advertisers. There are different levels of commitment to suit your needs. 3. Readers. If you’ve never checked us out, go now (cenlamar.blogspot.com). What are we talking about: Corporate sponsorships: $7,000 a year. Think about it. It may sound pricey, but it’s probably still less than some of you spent on your phone book ad, and it will DEFINITELY be seen by more people. Advertisement: One week a month, hyperlinked graphic ad: $150/month or $1,650/year. Two weeks a month, hyperlinked graphic ad: $275/month or $3,025/year. All month long, hyperlinked graphic ad: $450/month or $4,750/year. All advertisers will be guaranteed reduced rates for our first print publication and will be cherished forever. Additionally, as one of CenLamar’s sponsors, you’re entitled to FREE events promotion. How cool is that? Our pricing may seem a little high, but remember: We can prove our numbers. You'd be helping to create an independent press. And after we start, there's no stopping. Final Sales Pitch (We Promise): Alexandria NEEDS an independent press. This isn’t just our opinion; it’s one shared by CenLamar’s thousands of readers, each hungry for an alternative source of news and a place to voice their opinions. Other communities, like New Orleans, Lafayette, and Jackson, already have independent presses, and they are a cherished part of each community. Okay. Count Me In. What Should I Do Next? Call Lamar. Right now. 318-542-2969. He’ll rush right over. Or send him an e-mail at lamarw@gmail.com. We’ll need to discuss the specifics personally. Thank you for your help and support.