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CenLamar Advertising Opportunities When I first created this site, I opted not to utilize Google's advertising package for a few reasons:

  1. It relies on key words and searches to match users to content.
  2. It pollutes blogs with formulaic advertising.
  3. It just didn't seem right.
  4. It would have made me look like a tool.
  5. It would have been against the mission of this blog.
Recently, I have been approached by locally-owned small businesses regarding advertising opportunities and events promotion. I recognize a handful of readers will be put off by this prospect, but after contemplating this for a few weeks, I have arrived at the following conclusions:
  1. This would enable CenLamar to expand the website, buy a domain name (perhaps; however, Maltuzi Holdings, LLC from California recently purchased CenLamar.com as well as CenLamar.org on September 9, 2006), employ additional writers, and create a true, independent press here in Central Louisiana.
  2. Last month, CenLamar received 13, 503 visitors, 8, 553 of which were unique, first-time visitors.
  3. Central Louisiana desperately needs an indepedent press.
  4. Advertising dollars could allow us to publish a print version.
I promise the following to CenLamar's readers:
  1. The advertising content will never register your IP address.
  2. The advertising content will never interfere or disrupt the content of this website.
  3. The advertising content will never be political in nature. (Political content on the blog is free).
  4. The advertising content will never include businesses of ill repute.
  5. The advertising content will ALWAYS be local.
If your business is interested in advertising in CenLamar, please click here. Or e-mail me at lamarw@gmail.com.