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The Town Talk to CenLamar: You Need Prior Written Approval. Otherwise, We're Calling Our Lawyers. Dear Mr. White: It has come to my attention that you are currently in violation of copyright law by displaying a photograph of Jacques Roy announcing his candidacy for Mayor photographed by Town Talk staff member Doug Collier on your website http://cenlamar.blogspot.com. As you do not have prior written authorization from The Town Talk to use the photograph, I must insist that you remove the photo from your website (http://cenlamar.blogspot.com) immediately. We are pleased that you found the photograph valuable and wished to share it with your readers. In the future, should you wish to reprint something photographed by a Town Talk staff member, the proper procedure is to contact our Executive Editor Paul Carty and request permission to reprint the content. He has the final say on what may and may not be used by other publications, and decisions are made on a case by case basis. His e-mail address is pcarty@thetowntalk.com and his phone number is 318-487-6370. Regarding stories posted on our website, you are welcome to post a direct link to any story on our site, provided the link is not framed or done in anyway that would make it unclear that the content is from The Town Talk (http://www.thetowntalk.com). I see some examples on the site which appear to follow those guidelines, and we appreciate the links. Written permission is not needed to link to our site or stories on our site when done this way. However, you may not copy any content from our site and post it on another site without prior written approval from Executive Editor Paul Carty, as outlined above. In order to prevent legal action on this matter, your prompt attention to removing the photograph from your website is appreciated. If the content is not removed within 36 hours from the time this notice was transmitted, I will have no choice but to forward this matter to our corporate legal counsel. Should you have questions regarding this matter, you are welcome to contact me directly. ------------------------------------------------------ Jim Smilie Online Manager The Town Talk - See also: Gannett Attempts to Squash Independent Press By Controlling Distribution Points See also: Copyright and Fair Use, Stanford University. See also: Bloggers Beware, WeSawThat