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Reschedule the Debate! Otherwise, It'll Just Be Another Bolton High Pep Rally! CenLamar has received information that the organizers of today's debate have failed to secure committments from a majority of the candidates for mayor. According to my sources, Delores Brewer, Charles F. Smith, and Jacques Roy will not be participating in this debate. I have also been told that Roosevelt Johnson is "pulling out," though this has not been confirmed. Additionally, CenLamar has learned that the format of the debate has been changed, and that debate organizers failed to attract significant media interest. Organizers should seriously consider rescheduling the debate in order to ensure that all of the candidates for mayor of Alexandria are able to participate. The issue of crime is important, and the citizens of Alexandria deserve to be able to hear from all of the candidates in a fair and open setting. Furthermore, I believe that all debates in this important election should be broadcast to the public. Once this debate is rescheduled, we should make sure that it will be broadcast on public access television. I recognize this will be a disappointment to many people, and indeed, I was also looking forward to a spirited conversation on the future of Alexandria. But I think with better planning, more time, and more publicity, this can take shape into the type of debate it needs to be.