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Jacques Roy for Mayor
Throughout the past five months, I have been reading and writing about the issues that face Central Louisiana on a daily basis. Like many of you, I have also been imminently interested in the upcoming Alexandria mayoral race. On numerous occassions, I have stated my belief that this is the most important election we’ve faced in twenty years. As a result of my interest, I have been afforded with the opportunity to meet with and listen to most of the current candidates. While I believe that they each possess their own unique set of skills and talents, ultimately, there is one candidate who clearly demonstrates the ability to lead Alexandria into the future: Jacques Roy. I recognize that I had previously stated I would not express my opinions until after the debates. But things changed. A new candidate entered the fold, someone with optimism, motivation, and passion for the future of our community, someone who understands the problems we face, and someone with an authentic, unselfish desire to solve these problems. This is not to suggest that the other candidates are not equally motivated; however, Mr. Roy stands out to me as the obvious choice. As such, I will be actively campaigning for Jacques Roy. It’s important for readers to know this from the beginning. I believe that Mr. Roy represents our best chance at full-forced change and reform, and I am looking forward to sharing his message. The blog will continue to function the same way it always has. It will include news items, commentary, polls, and reader’s letters. It will continue to be open to anyone with an opinion. In short time, Mr. Roy will be launching his own website, and questions about his campaign should be directed there.