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An Inconvenient Truth: Now Playing In Theaters A letter sent to CenLamar: Lamar, please forgive me while I preach a little, but I've awakened to a crisis that we all share. I saw An Inconvenient Truth Saturday, and emphatically commend it to your attention. It is an extemely important film that should be shown in every public school in the US, but won't because of the messenger. Al Gore presents the science in a clear, compelling, and very human way. He has studied this subject for decades and knows his stuff. He doesn't scare the pants off you, but the science should. The graphs charting CO2 measurements over the life of our planet, the photos of what is happening to glaciers and polar ice caps, stories of polar bears drowning because they can't swim the distances they must to get to ice, disturbing storm patterns- these images all combine into a big wake up call. After presenting the evidence that our planet is in grave danger, Gore implores us not to go from denial to despair, but to do something. This email is my first attempt at doing something. Complacency is not an option.
There are good suggestions made for changing the alarming trends caused by excess CO2 in the atmosphere. Even if you've been a better conservationist than most, the suggestions bear repeating. I dislike fluorescent light, but I'm buying compact fluorescent bulbs anyway. I'll keep the thermostat on just comfortable, not cold. I'll keep promoting more trees and less grass...(trees absorb lots of CO2, while grass requires energy for maintenance.) I'll reduce my consumption of packaging materials and garbage in general. I'll turn off lights and computers and TV's. My next car will be a hybrid. I'll look for leaders to elect who make the environment a top priority. This link is for a pdf file listing ten suggestions for reducing CO2. It's on the website associated with the film: http://www.climatecrisis.net/pdf/10things.pdf .
Thanks for listening, and consider sharing this with your blog readers. Margaret Waring