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Fast-Tracking Expansion The City of Alexandria held a press conference today at the municipal building. Mayor Randolph read a statement about the need to fast-track road expansions, infrastructual improvements, and recreational facilities improvements. Four projects are slated for immediate fast-tracking: Versailles Boulevard, Jones Avenue, Lincoln Road, and Sugarhouse Road. The Versailles expansion will add an estimated $25- $30 million to the tax base-- that's just in the land, without the improvements, according to Rod Noles. Noles also pointed out that no one in city government owns land in this area (and that no one in his company owns land in this area). Additionally, the City of Alexandria will also be fast-tracking $3 million in recreational facilities improvements. Most of the parks in town will benefit, including Frank Hunter and Bringhurst; however, Compton Park and the Johnny Downs facilities are not included in this package.