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Advertising, Tips, Advice, Suggestions CenLamar receives approximately 9,000 unique visitors per month. Although we have declined the opportunity to invest in Google's standard advertising package, we are committed to aiding the promotional needs of a select number of local Central Louisiana businesses. We offer the following advertising packages: 1. One month, sidebar advertisement with graphics: $60 2. One year, sidebar advertisement with graphics: $600 3. Events promotion: $100 per event (Political and community events are always free. Just send us an e-mail) Please send an e-mail to lamarw@gmail.com. If you know of something CenLamar SHOULD be covering but isn't covering, speak your truth. Send an e-mail to cenlamar@gmail.com. If you'd like to share information on speaking engagements, events, and debates related to the upcoming mayoral election, CenLamar will publish this information. E-mail cenlamar@gmail.com. CenLamar will also publish: * Relevant, sourced poll information * Audio messages in mp3 format * User-submitted photos (as long as they're topical and in good taste) * Embedded video clips of local interest (preferably from YouTube or Google Videos). * Political analysis * Letters of complaint * Letters of praise * Love letters * Photographs of your favorite candidate * Comics * Personal Essays