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Poll Numbers, Old News, Developing Story The Town Talk:

Name recognition

Shown below are the unofficial results of a recent poll gauging respondents' choice for Alexandria mayor. The results were relayed over the telephone from someone who had seen a copy.
  • Delores Brewer: 21 percent
  • Roosevelt Johnson: 17 percent
  • Charles F. Smith Jr.: 12 percent
  • John Sams: 12 percent
  • Paul Smith: 5.4 percent
  • Joe Fuller: 4.3 percent

    The rest were undecided.

    Good quality of life

    The poll also revealed something else. Asked about how things are in Alexandria, such as quality of life: 64 percent had favorable responses; 21 percent unfavorable; 15 percent had no opinion.

    Qualifying coming up

    Qualifying for all fall elections is Aug. 9-11. The general election is Sept. 30. The runoff, if necessary, is Nov. 7.

    ROY probably running

    Jacques Roy, who has been approached by Alexandria Democratic heavyweights to run for mayor, said Friday he has "gone from possible to probable" in running.

    Is councilman running?

    Myron Lawson, at-large councilman always rumored to be running for mayor, said last week, "I have no interest in running," though he never would come out and say definitely that he wasn't running.

    Banker not running

    Martin Johnson has said unequivocally he isn't running. The banker, who works at Capital One, said he has been approached every day in the past week. "It was definitely worth taking a look, but there are others who are better suited." Johnson also is a member of two economic development groups: the Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority and the England Authority.
  • A Letter To CenLamar: Dear CenLamar, I've been following the mayor's race for the City of Alexandria intently, because I believe our community is currently in a major turning point. We need to make sure that the leader we elect understands the full consequences of his or her tenure. I write to you as a 29 year old black male with a stake in the future of this city, and I hope that you will publish my comments on your blog. There are many reasons to think we are in trouble with the current bunch of candidates. Roosevelt Johnson is a nice person. I have met him a few times.... nice guy. However, he's not fit to be mayor. It's a serious position that demands qualified intelligence, passion, and understanding. As nice as Roosevelt is, we all must face the fact that he does not possess the breadth of intelligence required to become mayor. Charles Fredrick Smith is a shady businessman, plain and simple. I'm not even sure why anyone is backing him. Delores Brewer is a liar.... so is Bridgett Brown. What's the difference? I consider them to be opposite ends of the same problem. They may think this is a black and white, us versus them type of struggle, but really it's just two different people with two related yet selfish agendas who will manipulate the public for whatever they can earn. I hope Brewer pulls out of the race. John Sams thinks this is a part time job because he has a tremendous ego and a destructive disdain for everyone in government. He's being quiet and polite right now..... and perhaps that's fooling people into thinking that he is something he is not........but if you've ever followed this guy, you know that he is just an opportunist with a big ego. His heart may be in the right place, but we need someone who is motivated to do good as a full-time job. Will someone else come forward? Or will we be left chosing between the lesser of two evils? Sincerely, Ronald J.